GB20 presentations - Public Documents

GB20_Pres1: Report from Governing Board Chair (Joanne Daly) (221 KB)
GB20_Pres2: Report from Task Group on Financial Sustainability (Per Backe-Hansen) (257 KB)
GB20_Pres3: Report from Executive Secretary (Donald Hobern) (596 KB)
GB20_Pres4: Report from SC Chair (Leonard Krishtalka) (2.8 MB)
GB20_Pres5: Report from the Nodes Committee (Stephen Wilkinson) (215 KB)
GB20_Pres6: GBIO and Work Programme (1.1 MB)
GB20_Pres7: Summary of regional breakout (Stephen Wilkinson) (67 KB)
GB20_Pres8: Japanese national biodiversity portal (Tsuyoshi Hosoya) (2.4 MB)
GB20_Pres9: Launch of GBIF Portal (Tim Hirsch & Tim Robertson) (13.8 MB)
GB20_Pres10: Report from Budget Committee Chair (Per Backe-Hansen) (787 KB)
GB20_Pres11 Presentation from India (S.P.S. Parihar) (4.5 MB)
GB20_Pres12 Work Programme and priorities (Donald Hobern) (148 KB)
GB20_Pres13 Governance - Funding model (Joanne Daly) (63 KB)