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For further information, please visit the GBIF website at en-uk Authorisation for use of this content is granted, provided the source is appropriately acknowledged Wed, 21 Apr 2010 09:00:00 GMT Wed, 21 Apr 2010 09:00:00 GMT Customised PHP script Introduction to individual based models in ecology using NetLogo by Transmitting Science Els Hostalets de Pierola (Spain), 26-30 May 2014. In Ecology many patterns at the population or community level emerge from processes, variability and interactions at the individual scale. Therefore it is increasingly acknowledged that the basic entities in many ecological models should be individuals. This is the aim of individual based modelling (or agent based models). <br /> In this course, we present the principles of individual based modelling. We will introduce participants to NetLogo (, a development environment and a domain specific computer language for individual based modelling. In lectures, we explain techniques to develop, analyse, test and document individual based simulation models. Hands on session will familiarise participants with the concepts: In small groups they will develop, implement and analyse an individual based model to answer an ecological question. Questions will be suggested by the instructors and will comprise applied (e.g. sustainable forestry) and theoretical topics. Every group will present their project and their experiences at the end of the course in a short presentation. Our intention is that after the course the participants are able to implement and analyse simple models in NetLogo. <br />&nbsp;<br /> Subscription fees varies from 465 to 865 EUR depending on the accommodation and meals options selected. GBIF Secretariat 10/05/2013 19:02:40 41.534824 1.768563 I3B Workshop: Foundations, evaluation and future of the species distribution models Tepoztlán (Mexico), 2-6 June 2014. This workshop is organised by the I3B network (Iberoamerican Infrastructure for Biodiversity Information) with the general objective of offering an overview of the model applications and limits, and of the recent developments in the field.<br /> The specific objectives of the event include (i) to facilitate basic understanding of key concepts in species modelling, (ii) to discuss the limits of the current research in the field and (iii) to strengthen the capacity of the participants from Latin American countries. GBIF Secretariat 03/19/2014 12:03:10 18.984780 -99.093073 Biodiversity Diagnoses Course in Benin Cotonou (Benin), 1-9 September 2014. The concept behind this course is to take some next steps in combining the content and ideas of several previous BITC courses: data capture, data cleaning, data analysis, etc. The idea is to analyze a set of data sets in parallel as regards a series of questions of interest. The data sets will be significant, original, regional summaries of the occurrence and diversity of major taxa: e.g., “birds of Zimbabwe,” “plants of the Ethiopian Highlands,” “frogs of the Congo Basin,” etc. The expectation is that these data sets will be substantive and significant: that is, more than just a download of GBIF-enabled data records. The trainees in this course will work closely with a team of four experts in developing a standard set of analyses, as well as analyses specific to the particular taxon and region. Analyses will be summarized in the form of research papers and published as a set of papers in a special issue of Biodiversity Informatics ( GBIF Secretariat 02/27/2014 16:44:53 6.370366 2.371470 2014 ALTER-Net summer school: ‘An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services’ Peyresq (France), 3-13 September 2014. Open to young graduate and post-graduate scientists from both within and outside the network partners, the ALTER-Net Summer School provides an innovative atmosphere for thinking about and resolving the sustainability challenges that society is currently facing. Our Summer School aims at contributing to the durable integration and spread of excellence within and beyond the network, with a view to promoting interdisciplinary approaches. GBIF Secretariat 03/17/2014 10:41:36 44.067643 6.617274