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GB16_PRE01 - Report from the Governing Board Chair (410 KB)
GB16_PRE02 - Report from the Executive Secretary (14.2 MB)
GB16_PRE03 - International Year of Biodiversity (2.9 MB)
GB16_PRE04 - Voting rights statement (82 KB)
GB16_PRE05 - Introduction to MoU third phase (178 KB)
GB16_PRE06 - Funding principles for GBIF - the Madrid Model (45 KB)
GB16_PRE07 - Review and Forward Look beyond 2011 (777 KB)
GB16_PRE08 - Nodes reflection on Review and Forward Look (284 KB)
GB16_PRE09 - Report from the Secretariat on Work Programme Implementation 2009-2010 (15.6 MB)
GB16_PRE10 - Participants Report 2009 (1.6 MB)
GB16_PRE11 - Review Team (1.2 MB)
GB16_PRE12 - e-Biosphere 09 Conference (1 MB)
GB16_PRE13 - Setting Priorities for Specimen Digitisation (577 KB)
GB16_PRE14 - Report by the Nodes Committee (2.7 MB)
GB16_PRE15 - Budget Committee report (1.3 MB)
GB16_PRE16 - Introduction to Venue and Facilities for GB17 (4.9 MB)
GB16_PRE17 - Invitation to GB19 (5 MB)

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